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Diesel Repair and Performance

Cold Air Intake – This system pulls air from outside of the engine compartment through the front of the vehicle or inner fender. Cooler air is better to increase power, making the cold air kits better on average at building horsepower. There are dozens of styles & brands to choose from that can fit a variety of vehicles and price ranges.

Air Filters – An aftermarket filter is a fairly inexpensive way to step up your performance. By upgrading to an aftermarket high performance air cleaner and filter you can easily increase your performance & horsepower.

Turbocharger/Supercharger – The increase in air flow into the engine improves the air & fuel mixture that will be burned in the engine. A greater mass of air is compressed into the combustion chamber(s) therefore resulting in an increase in power & efficiency.

Fuel Filter kits - By adding an aftermarket fuel filter kit you extend the life of your vehicle in several different ways. Your fuel line can get contaminates inside from chipped paint & dirt when you’re at the fuel pump as well as water vapor throughout the heating & cooling of your vehicle. We offer a 2 micron filter which allows (next to) nothing to reach your engine.

Gauges - With certain engine modifications, you’ll need & want to pay attention to things like pressure & temperature for your oil, fuel, water & air. Analog gauges mounted on the dash, display or mounted with a pillar pod (on the frame of the vehicle along the driver’s door) is a common way to achieve this.

Exhaust – With or without a muffler, an aftermarket exhaust system is a great way to increase power & performance.

Tuners & Modules – A computerized tuner allows you to maximize your engine’s efficiency by monitoring the RPM, timing, turbo boost pressure & fueling parameters of your engine. This information is used to control both fueling and timing enhancements for the injection pump. Fully adjustable on the fly (while you’re driving) & mounted accessibly for the driver, tuners are a great way to take control and monitor the efficiency of your vehicle. Depending on the make & model of tuner, available gauges are; temperature of: exhaust gas, engine coolant, intake air, module, transmission, intake. Pressure of: engine fuel, turbo boost, oil. Percentage of: backdown, throttle, engine load. RPM, MPH, transmission lock, transmission slip, gear, barametric PSI, DPT status.

Fuel Injectors – A fuel injector is essentially a high speed valve for fuel & is usually controlled by a computer. Aftermarket fuel injectors can provide more precise control of fuel delivery & atomization for increase power, improved throttle response & better fuel economy.

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